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      Posted by paulstone

      Hi i’ve bought the new Anthology II , some plug-ins like E-Channel and Ultra Ch
      not have nothing preset , this is normal ??
      Someone can help ?
      thanks !

      PT HD7.1 HD3 PCIe OS 10.4.6

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      Posted by Dan

      Hello Paulstone,

      E-Channel, Ultra-Channel, EQ45, and EQ65 do not have any factory presets. This because compression and EQ are very signal dependant processes. In other words, if you had recordings of 2 different acoustic guitars and had the same vision for the final sound in your mix, you would need to use different settings for compression and EQ on each to achieve that goal.

      With plug-ins like Band Delays, Reverb, and Octavox we can create a preset that will hopefully create a consistent, useful effect on a wide range of input signals. However, we didn’t feel we could do that with compression and EQ because with those effect where you want to go has so much to do with where you are.

      Let me know if any of this wasn’t clear, or if you have any further questions.


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      Posted by paulstone

      thanks Dan , i understand !
      my question it’s just for know if are normal !

      My compliments to all the stuff Eventide for the very GREAT Plug-ins

      ciao !!!!

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