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      Hey guys, I have an iPhone XR and I was using Garageband on my mac for a long time. However, when I open GB on my iPhone, it starts crashing after 10-15 minutes on its own. I have tried to reboot the app. Is it happening with anyone else?

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      Eventide Staff

      This isn't a problem we've seen in house.

      Keep in mind that GarageBand on the macOS and GarageBand on iOS are fundamentally different programs, so stability on one platform doesn't mean stability on the other. It might be worth seeing if the crash happens w/o any other AUv3s or audio apps open on your iPhone – that way you can pinpoint if it's GarageBand, or another program causing the crash.

      And as always, being on the latest iOS and GarageBand might help.

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      Thanks @tlongabaugh, I have updated MacOS pc. But still i am getting this issue

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      You may give this a try. Go to settings and turn off GarageBand from Apps Using iCloud, located in the iCloud settings. See if this works. 


      By the way, any ideas on how to run Garageband on windows? I have been trying several ways but didn’t find anything working. 


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      Thanks, I will check it out, For WIndows You can use Virtual box to run garageband, Here is complete tutorial on that! Cheers!

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      Hey, I am facing the same problem and I installed it here

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