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      Billy Foppiano

      Is ANYBODY having ANY luck naming a patch in FactorLIb, and then transmitting it to the pedal?

      I have had NO luck…

      I jumped thru the hoops to upgrade to 3 and re-ass the pedal.


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you are having trouble. But, we cannot duplicate these problems. Not saying they don't exist, just that we cannot duplicate.

      So, please help us. Start with a factory preset on a pedal running the latest software, send it to FactorLib, rename it and then send it back. Please tell us exactly how you are doing this (name all commands and actions), and exactly what happens.

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      I have updated the TF as well as the FactorLib software.  In FactorLib, I receive presets from TF.  I then rename the first preset "test" and send it back to TF.  TF shows a "load OK" message, but shows no indication of a new name for preset 1.  I then recieve the presets into the software and there is no name change.

      It does not appear to be working……

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      OK. I think I have it figured out……..Once I re-initialized the TF, all seems to be working properly.  The renaming shows up and transfers back and forth between the software fine…..GREAT!

      Remember to Backup your patches before re-initializing!

      Big Smile

Viewing 3 reply threads
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