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      I'm sure this is an obvious one but for some reason it evades me in the user guides

      I can save a preset now but how do I change the name on it?

      Thanks for in advance for answering a newbie question….

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      Preset Naming

      Eventide Stompboxes now give you the ability to name your Presets. When you
      load a new Preset in Bank Mode, the entire Preset name will scroll once.
      Then the Bank/Preset number will be displayed, followed by the first
      4-6 letters of the Preset Name.

      To Edit the Preset Name:

      -After entering Save Mode, press the Right Footswitch and the first
      character of the Preset Name will flash. Turning the Encoder will change
      this character. The available character set is 'A-Z','a-z', '0-9'.

      The Left and Right Footswitch LEDs will be flashing green, to show that
      TimeFactor is in Save Mode and that these switches can be used to
      navigate between edit fields.

      – Use the Left and Right Footswitches to traverse the display,
      selecting a field to be edited by the Encoder. (The active field for
      editing is always flashing.) Repeated pressing of the Right or Left
      Footswitch will traverse through the name field one character at a time,
      flashing the selected character.

      – The cursor will “wrap around
      the display.” Pressing the Left Footswitch will move the edit field to
      the left by one character at a time until it gets to the first
      character. Pressing the Left Footswitch from here will jump to the last
      character of the Preset Name.

      – A phantom space is always present at the end of the name to allow
      characters to be added past the end. The phantom space cannot be deleted
      but will be removed on exit.

      -When you are finished naming, either press and hold the Encoder
      Button to save the Preset, or press the Middle Footswitch to exit
      without saving.

      Special Footswitch Presses/Shortcuts for Naming Presets:

      1. Press and hold Left Footswitch to DELETE the current flashing character.
      2. Press and hold Right Footswitch to INSERT a character before the current flashing character.

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      Colin Sic

      Is it possible to turn off the name feature? I find the scrolling slows things down programing a ground control pro if you don't know what bank your on. Also I really like how my space is 1 preset per bank. Instead of 1:1 1:2 2:2 3:1 ect…… Do you see this being an interface option on later updates of timefactor and mod factor. 

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