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      I have been searching around the forums and on Google but can't seem to get a clear answer whether you can name presets in Factorlib and transfer them to Timefactor. I have tried before and after initializing my Timefactor, but the names of my presets don't transfer over. Presets named on the pedal do transfer back and forth. Just trying to save myself some time. 

      I am using version 3.5. Sorry in advance if I haven't looked in the right place to answer my own question.

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      Yes, you can name Presets in Factorlib and they will transfer over. If you have just updated the software, you have to name the presets on the TimeFactor itself before bouncing them into Factorlib. You don't have give them real names; you can just name them one letter. Then after they are transferred into Factorlib you can type the names on the computer and they should transfer back into the stompbox with no problem.

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      You can. You doubleclick the preset name and type. Then click off it. You can also add a description by clicking the folder icon at the right of the preset name box. I've used Factorlib with my Space pedal operating at v3.2 and v4.0.0, without any problems.  

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