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      Some ?s

      Will the newer H949 Harmonizer do all the same sounds as the old H910 but with some extra features.

      I can not find a comparison of the two anyplace?

      Would their be any reason to buy the H910 over the new H949?

      Do you offer any custom bundle package discounts.
      I all ready picked up the split EQ and I have been comparing a lot of products and just seem to keep coming back to Eventide and liking them the best VS others.

      Looking at buying the H949 or H910, GENERATE, Elevate, H3000 Factory and Ultra Essentials Bundle.

      Using Ilok can I still work off line with no internet connection after activated? We travel a lot in a RV and do not have internet at times for days to a week or so based on our location.

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      You can find a list of features for each plug-in on the product pages, but I would suggest downloading the free demo of each so you can compare them for yourself. You can achieve similar effect with both plug-ins and the H949 has more features, but the interfaces are quite different, which can lead to a different approach to using the effect. The H910 has a keyboard interface and envelope follower build into the UI.

      Both of these are part of the Clockworks Bundle –

      All of the plug-ins that you listed (not including Elevate) are included in the Anthology Bundle –

      You will not need an internet connection to use the plug-ins once they are activated on your computer.


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