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      Hello fellow musicians and gear enthusiasts,

      I’m reaching out to seek some advice regarding an issue I’m facing with my H9 Max pedal in a stereo setup. Here’s the scenario:

      Setup: My signal chain involves routing from another pedal in stereo into the H9 Max, and then out to another stereo pedal.

      Issue: I’m only able to get a true stereo signal with effects that are inherently stereo, like ping-pong delay or chorus. However, when the H9 is bypassed or when I use effects that are generally considered standard (like Tremolo), I’m only receiving a mono signal in one of my amps.

      Troubleshooting Done: I’ve double-checked all the cabling and the setup of the pedals before and after the H9. Everything seems in order, which leads me to believe that the issue lies with the H9 itself.

      Has anyone else experienced something similar? I’m curious if this is a known issue or if there are specific settings on the H9 that I might be overlooking. Any insights, tips, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance for your help and expertise!

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      Eventide Staff

      What is your signal chain before the H9? What pedals come before it?

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      I am also having trouble  using the effects loops on two amps it seems to lose the stereo effect.

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