Need informations from eventide for Timefactor DC in and Delay time A repair.

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      My time factor (bought used, 2 years ago, so i guess it's not under warranty anymore…) has 2 problems :

      – when the DC jack moves a little bit, it swiches off, then restart.. 

      – when i play, the delay A knob acts as if i was turning it a little bit all the time, oscillating between 2 positions.

      Since the warranty is finished, I'd like to have some directions to repair that by myself: as i build most of my own analog stompboxes, if that's an analog problem i might be able to fix it.

      Do you think that the erratic behavior of the DC jack comes from a bad solder joint? my guess is that i should just try to reflow them and see how it goes, or replace the jack. do you have experience with this kind of problem and the way of fixing it?

      And, the main question: do you think a bad solder joint could also be the cause for the delay A behavior? If you are you using standard pots wired as voltage dividers to the input of the dsp, i might be able to reflow the pads or change the pot. or does it sound like a problem from another part of the circuit?

      Thanks for helping!

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      Eventide Staff

      Your power jack problem is probably either a broken solder joint, or a damaged connector. You could try the following:

      1) a bit of switch cleaner

      2) check the connector on the wire end (wiggle the cable while holding the connector firmly).

      3) take the unit apart and resolder the connector to board joints.

      4) replace the connector.

      Your pot problem could indeed be a bad solder joint. Worth checking if you have the unit apart.

      Or, you could send the unit in for service ( ).

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      I have the same issue with the DC jack, maddening! I have re-flowed the joints and babied this thing and the flaky DC jack for such an expensive pedal is frustrating. If you can suggest a higher quality part I could swap in that would be great. I might just hard wire the power supply and get rid of the jack. 

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      Eventide Staff

      We kind of have to use the standard part for this, and the standard part is not, uh, great.  This is a possible problem with standards. There is a lovely Switchcraft miniature XLR which would be ideal for this, and apart from the dreadful expense, everyone apart from you would probably complain that their power leads would not fit it.

      Since it bothers you, and you can solder, you maybe should probably do as you say, and hard-wire it.

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      Hello, mi time factor wet pot seems to make the same problem, could anyone help me? ´cause here in Argentina noone semms to be able to fix it…. thanks!

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      FWIW, i had a similar problem with my pitch and mod pedals. i thought it was the connector in the devices but in both cases it turned out to be the plug (or the anemic cable near the plug) of the older, bigger power supplies. 

      Right now, I'm just using a fairly good 600mA universal switching supply (one per pedal), which sseems to work great. For those in Europe, I'm using two Schwaiger NG600USB supplies.

      Please somebody correct me, if this is a bad idea. 

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