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      As usual when I work with MIDI I am finding myself staring blankly at everything…


      Trying to utilize:


      EVH 5150iii head (has MIDI in–MIDI controllable channels)


      A Boss TAE with MIDI IN and THRU/OUT


      Eventide H9 with MIDI IN and THRU/OUT


      MIDI Moose MIDI controller (MIDI OUT)


      Any advice as to how to chain all this together?  I had the MIDI Moose changing channels on the EVH but I’ve got a brain freeze as to how to integrate the rest

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      I would go


      Moose out–>Boss in.

      Boss THRU–>H9 In.

      H9 THRU–> EVH IN.


      Make sure your receiving devices are all listening on separate, discrete channels.



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