Need to connect Eclipse and UAD Apollo via Digital in/out

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      Hello, I’m about to buy Eclipse, but before that I have to be sure to that it’s possible to connect it the way I want. 

      I have UAD Apollo Twin MK2, I recording my guitars at 96k(it’s important to have 96 due for low latecny)

      I need Eclipse to do some FX while I’m tracking, so my idea is to use, line outputs of apollo as SEND, and Optical OUT of Eclipse and IN of Apollo as RETURN.

      if i understand everything right, then I can make correct routhng in my DAW, and use Elipse as pligin Insert. 

      Here is Diagram. Does it make any sense? 

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      REALLY nobody, on eventude forum ??

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      John Baylies

      The Eclipse doesn't support 96K over ADAT, but the H8000FW does.

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      General tip – if you only see a single ADAT optical connector for In or Out, the max you’ll get is 48k.  The ADAT spec/design only supported 96k using the SMUX/dual connector approach.

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