Need to mimic EXP input expression pedal with midi expression pedal

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      Forgive me if this has been covered before, but how would you set up a midi expression pedal to the same CC (s?) as the ribbon controller/EXP input assignments?  Sort of new to midi and I’m having a hard time figuring this one out.  I’m running a Roland EV5 through a Ground Control Pro.  It’s all working fine for individual CC parameters, but I’m wondering if I can easily set it to control everything the ribbon controller or an expression pedal plugged in to the EXP jack does.




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      In the H9 Control application:

      • Pedal icon
      • Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal functions.
      • Set expression pedal value (aka Hotknob value).
      • Select from MIDI CC 0 to 99 or Pitch Bend.

      On an H9/Max/Core:

      • Press & hold Hotknob + Tap switches.
      • Dial to MIDI.  Press Hotknob switch.
      • Dial to RCV.CTL.  Press Hotknob switch.
      • Dial to EXP, flashing on left.  Press Tap switch.
      • Dial among MIDI CC 0-99 or BND.

      On an older stompbox [PitchFactor]:

      • Press & hold encoder switch + Tap.
      • Dial encoder to MIDI.  Press encoder switch.
      • Dial encoder to RCV.CTL.  Tap enocder switch.
      • Dial encoder to PDL < arrow flashing left.  Press Tap.
      • Select among C0 to C99 or BND.

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      I swear I tried that, but now it seems to work perfectly.  Thanks!

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