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      With the H9 Modulation algorithms, is there a way to apply the envelope (or ASDR) NEGATIVELY, to the Depth and/or Speed Modulation?

      With some phaser, chorus, vibrato, type effects, more effect sounds great with lighter or arpeggiated playing but if you raise the guitar volume or strike a big chord, it sounds too messy.  So being able to apply the envelope to REDUCE the depth or speed of the effect would be nice.  Is there a way to do this?  What about the H90 (I didn’t see anything in the manual about it…)


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      It depends on the algorithm. Some algorithms, like TriceraChorus and MicroPitch (only on H90 and standalone dot9 pedal) have this capability, where you can adjust the envelope to affect the depth of the effect and adjust the sensitivity for lighter or harder playing.

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      Thanks.  Looking forward to trying that out on the H90.

      I think this would be a good feature request for modulation algorithms.  Namely, to have a negative sensitivity value option, to REDUCE the depth or speed of the effect with bigger, louder sounds or chords.

      For the H9 also!


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