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      I recently had an odd idea:

      Using two stereo delays, and all necessary splitters, etc

      • #1 Left Output > #2 Left Input
      • #2 Left Output > #1 Right Input
      • #1 Right Output > #2 Right Input
      • #2 Right Input > #1 Left Input

      Setting all four delays to different times, and all feedback to zero, it functions somewhat like a looper, and somewhat like Frippertronics, but it creates a constantly changing pattern.  Changing which inputs and outputs are actually connected to your main inputs and outputs completely alters the texture.

      Now, I was originally just going to buy a couple crappy stereo mixers, and the two cheapest stereo delays I could find, and see how it sounded – but I’d recently picked up an old Alesis Quadraverb 2 rack unit, which has 8 effects blocks that can be set to any function, and can be routed any way you like – including feedback loops!  The first downside is that it has a maximum delay time of about 5.5 seconds, which is then shared among however many delays are being used.  The second downside is that, possibly due to 1995 technology, the sound will start to deteriorate after just a few minutes – and that’s only with using a noise gate at the beginning of the signal chain; without a noise gate, any amount of noise will just start piling up, from inaudible levels right on up to clipping, which sounds something like a Saturn V rocket.

      Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything other than the big Eventide rack units that will allow let me create feedback loops and use multiple delays.  Some of the TC Electronics racks will allow feedback loops, but they only have one delay block.  I’m currently putting my hopes into an open source effects pedal, but I feel like the H9 should be able to do this with minimal effort.

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