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      I’ve got an H9 on the way and am very excited about live control possibilities.  But my head’s not totally around them.

      1. Is there a way to use TWO aux switches and an expression pedal for external control? Or 

      2. Is there a way to get the expression pedal and the hot knob controlling different things?

      3. And finally, is there a way to get the Livid Code talking directly to the IOS app such that it would be possible to control the pedal that way without an extra bluetooth to MIDI convertor?


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      Eventide Staff

      1, No – unless you use a MIDI pedal. The jack only has two inputs, hence this restriction.

      2. No – they act the same.

      3. Don't know.

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      Thanks.  So as I understand it, my best option is either expression and footswitch with Y cable, or a MIDI pedal with assignable switches and expression inputs and go in that way with expression.

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      Oops.  What I forgot to mention: Can the iOS app be controlled by MIDI?  If so, then I should be able to get the code talking with it.

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