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      My first post here.

      Am interested whether or not some new upgrades are on the way, or if anyone might share some workarounds. I have the four pedals in my rack, but would like to see some improvements in the MIDI control.

      1. Independent MIDI CC's for A&B delays in the TF in addition to the mix parameter. This way a separate instant access button for each can be assigned to A or B delay on a remote footcontroller.

      2. Delay level parameter in the PF, mainly for Micropitch etc.

      3. Space spillover and patch change "phantom dry signal" issue resolved.


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      Hi Chris,

      1. You can control Delay A and Delay B independently with MIDI CC. This is done by assigning konbs 2 and 3 to be controlled by the MIDI CC of your choice. You can assign these in the RCV CNTL menu of the MIDI section of System Mode.

      We are looking into your questions 2 and 3.



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      Thanks Alan,

      Only problem is I use the factors in a wet/dry rig with killdry engaged. If I select no delay for either A or B (a CC level of zero to knob 2 or 3) with the Timefactor, it passes a dry signal which doesn't play well in a wet/dry rig (phasing). If no delay on A or B meant mute when Killdry was engaged, I'd take it, but then I'd lose the trail off's.


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      Hey Alan I also have all four Factor pedals in my rig. The videos you have done have been extremely helpful. One request for me is a true trem delay in the time factor pedal ( maybe an extra feature in the mod delay) that would be awesome. 

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