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      Hi all – I have a TimeFactor and a Space and they are both AWESOME tools both live and in the studio.  I love them!

      I'd like to request a few features to be added if possible for the TimeFactor though.  

      I love the tap tempo function but is it possible to offset one of the channels by the inverse of the Golden Ratio (about .618) rather than a specific beat notation?  I use Fibonacci timed delays ALL of the time (337/610) but that locks you into a specific time – it would be nice to tap tempo and get one channel running at the tapped tempo and the other the Golden Ratio of that tempo.  I do the math sometimes to use this feature but that's pretty much impossible live.  This would be so entirely wicked than my face would melt when pumped through my QSC K10s 🙂

      If you've never used delays in this way try it out!  You'll be in for a treat.  The delays just mesh into a sort of reverby haze – it's excellent for ambient stuff.  I just would like to tap the base tempo since our drummer can NEVER stick with a tempo.

      Second – can a setting be added to control the panning for the L and R delay signals?  I run in stereo and this would be a cool feature.

      Last but not least it would be cool to be able to run the delays in series without a patch cable.  This sounds very cool – especially with the Golden Ratio / Fibonacci style delays.  If I had this feature I could finally stop using my M9 entirely.

      Thanks for a great group of products!

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      Those are some awesome ideas! I woud definitely like to see those. 

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      Whoa, set B to golden ratio of A…  major awesomeness.   That would be groundbreaking.

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      Awesome suggestions! Particularly the Golden Ratio option.

      Seems to me just the sort of new feature the TF could easily handle via a software update. Wink

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