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      I’m a bit desperate. 

      I got a new H9, to have a 3 H9 in line, but this one I got it’s faulty, and it’s strange.

      It has like a profound reverb attached to it, so profound some effects are barely noticeable it’s like it’s semibypassed or when you have a faulty connector in a plug, but I have tested cables power and everything is fine

      I did 2 factory resets replaced all cables, change conexions, and nothing the effects are not the same when comparing one H9 to the other 2.

      I guess the question I have is if there’s a hardware diagnosis that can be run, because I imported this one due to being a special edition which I wanted, so now I can’t return it as I bought it due to import taxes and can’t fix it, I feel on a dead end,

      I can get the money back, but the shipment and taxes are gone, I would really like to fix it rather than get the money.

      any pointer to a HW diagnosis mode would be appreciated


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      Eventide Staff

      Try this:

      1. Connect the H9 in question to H9 Control on a desktop computer via USB.

      2. Backup up your presets and system settings, if you’ve customized any.

      3. Reinstall the firmware by going to the PEDAL tab, STOMPBOX SOFTWARE, then choose the latest firmware and click INSTALL SOFTWARE.

      4. After reinstalling the firmware, conduct a factory reset by turning the pedal on while simultaneously holding down the right footswitch and the black knob until you see [INITIA] on the display.

      Please report back if it works.

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      It did! Thanks Joe, I’m glad it wasn’t a HW issue.

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