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      My new H9 arrived yesterday. I’m a huge ‘Factor Fan and was
      ready to see what was new and cool.

      Opened the box and my first impressions were:

      • Love the size, smaller foot print than the other ‘Factors
      • Smaller power supply – Yes!
      • Nice velvet bag to protect it in transit

      Fired it up, came up with no drama and was ready to rock.
      Connection to my iPad was easy as it could be. Updated the software via
      Bluetooth – flawless. Got the “free” Resonator plug, loaded up fast.

      Plugged it in to a gtr and amp and enjoyed the iPad
      interface for parameter changes, algo swaps, all that.

      Even trialed a couple of algorithms – nice touch to have
      them available for 5 minutes a day. Perfect for a trial run. The only thing
      slightly wonky here is that if you don’t select “go to parameters” there doesn’t
      seem to be a way to adjust them once the demo has started. Maybe I’m just
      thick-headed but I couldn’t figure it out. No biggie, I’ll just try that algo

      Since I already own all 4 ‘Factors I know how to work the pedals and what the algos do,
      so no problem there. And the user interface with the iPad is light years ahead
      of the previous ‘Factor pedals.

      All-in-all a great experience for a new product. Well done,

      Bottom line: I’m not sure there is a more cost-effective way
      to have an excellent quality multi-efx pedal than the H9. The user interface is
      vastly improved and you can buy what you want to update the pedal. It would
      make sense to me to own 2 of them if I needed to chain algorithms. Still
      incredibly cost effective.

      Please keep working on the ability to control and program
      the other pedals using the H9 as an interface. That would really make it for

      Also trying to find a way to easily “port” my user settings
      on my other ‘Factor pedals to the H9. Of course I can do it manually but I’m
      hoping there is a way to simply transfer them.

      Looking forward to shaking your hands at the NAMM show,
      congratulations on this huge leap forward in stompbox design.

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      We're glad to hear that you've been having a good time with your H9.  Definitely do stop by at NAMM.

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      Hey, how do you feel the effects compare to the Time Factor? Is the H9 the same quality or do you feel there's a tradeoff?



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      No trade-off that I can detect.

      All the effects sound just like the ones on my other 4 'Factor pedals.

      This is a no-brainer. The H9 is a huge step in the right direction. The only thing I miss is the tactile knobs on the other pedals. You need to be connected to a computer or iPad to effectively adjust it. 

      I hope that 2014 brings some further UI refinements to the iPad and computer connections. It still is a bit clunky, but it does work.

      And to those that complain that it can't run more than one algorithm at a time: Just buy another one and put it in the chain. Eventide lets you have up to 5 H9s on one account, so you can share all your algorithms. You could sell a couple of pedals you aren't using (who doesn't have a box of those, anyway…?) and get yourself a second H9.

      A no-brainer for sure.

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      Thanks so much for your speedy reply! 😉

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