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      Eventide is happy to make its ModFactor 2.4.1[5] software available as a Public Beta.

      This Public Beta is open to all registered owners of ModFactor.

      Participation requires the following steps:

      Create an Account.

      Register your ModFactor.

      Read the Release notes from the ModFactor Support Page for features and installation instructions.

      Report any issues to

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      Tone Jones

      Thanks for continuing to improve this pedal Eventide.  The updates are always welcomed!

      I know I sound like a broken record but pretty, pretty, pretty PLEASE add a volume function to the tremolo.  It would so make my, and many other's, day.

      Speaking of updates, what about adding the ability to add tremolo to the other effects with an option to sync LFOs?  And a univbe that REALLY throbs?  Would make this pedal unstoppable!

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      🙂 Thanks!

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      in Bank Mode now when you pick either of the two available presets in a bank you no longer get the quick display of the effect type (Chorus, Flange etc) before it goes to the preset number.  Same problem as with TimeFactor that another member mentioned.
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      Eventide Staff

      Th is has already been mentioned and will be restored in the full release.

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      Any comments on the Beta? I was hoping someone will post a review with a list of some of the additions or fixes, and how they translate- I had a Modfactor, had to sell, just got a Timefactor, and am looking toward the Modfactor again….I am hoping someone here will share a quick Beta review…



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      OK- so I bit again on a Modfactor to go with my Timefactor- think its great- downloaded the beta after a brief issue that one of the work-arounds addressed- but it only loaded 20 banks…is this normal? I thought that the beta contained 50 banks……the new chorus and phaser loaded, love the chorus, and appreciate the level for the rotary- brilliant- but I really want to check out the new presets….what am I missing?


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      Nevermind- I got it- I adjusted the Banks upper limit via the system instructions…thanks again for the update- very happy with my Eventide investments….

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