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      PitchFactor 2.3.0[2] Public Beta

      Eventide is happy to make its PitchFactor 2.3.0[2] software available
      as a Public Beta.

      This Public Beta is open to all registered owners of PitchFactor Stompboxes.

      How to

      Participation requires the following steps:

      1. Create
        an Account.

      2. Register
        your PitchFactor Pedal.

      3. Download
        and Install the Eventide Update Utility from the PitchFactor
        Support Page

        You will not be able to download this utility until you have sucessfully
        logged in to and registered your PitchFactor.

      4. Connect
        your PitchFactor Pedal to your computer using a standard USB Cable (note

        that this cable is not provided by Eventide, but can be purchased at
        most computer and

        electronics stores.)

      5. Launch
        the Eventide Update Utility Application. Please be patient, as it can

        take up to 1 minute to recognize the PitchFactor Pedal

      6. Select
        the System Version 2.3.0[2] Beta from the Available Updates list and
        click the Update button.

      7. When
        prompted for a username and password, enter your username


      8. Review
        the Release Notes and License Agreement displayed by the Eventide Update


      9. Wait
        for the Update to Complete. This usually takes a few minutes.

      10. Report
        any bugs, issues, or feedback to

      Troubleshooting Tips

      • Verify
        that you have properly registered your PitchFactor pedal, and that your

        and password are correct. This can easily be done by viewing the My
        Products page. In

        order for the update to suceed, the Serial Number on your PitchFactor
        pedal must

        appear on this list, and you must supply the same username and password
        used to

        access the My
        page when prompted by the Eventide Update Utility

      • If the
        update is started but does not complete sucessfully, the pedal will
        be left unable to

        startup and function properly. If the pedal does not properly start
        up, the Eventide

        Update Utility will not be able to communicate with it. In this case,
        it will be necessary to

        force the pedal into Update Mode by holding down the center switch while

        power. Once the word "UPDATE" appears on the display, restart
        the Eventide Update

        Utility and attempt the update again.

      PitchFactor Beta
      Release Notes

      Thank you for trying out PitchFactor 2.3.0[2] Beta. Since this is Beta software,
      it has not received the level of testing required for a full release. While
      it has been well tested by Eventide staff, there is a small possibility that
      it has problems our testing has not revealed. We recommend that you only install
      this software when you have time to fully evaluate it, and never just before
      a tour or gig.

      Please report any bugs you find to

      We recommend that you back up your existing presets before updating to a new
      software version.

      Some changes have been made to the Scale control in Diantonic and Harmodulator
      which may change the sound of User-Created Presets. You may want to adjust
      the Scale control of your Diantonic and Harmodulator Presets after updating.

      It is also important to note that it is possible to revert to the original
      version anytime, if desired.

      New Scales in Diatonic
      and Quadravox

      New scales have been added
      to the Diatonic and Quadravox effects. Using the Speed/Scale knob, you can
      now select from the following:

      [MAJ] – Major

      [min] – Minor

      [DOR] – Dorian

      [PHRG] – Phrygian

      [LYD] – Lydian

      [MLYD] – Mixolydian

      [LOC] – Locrian

      [Hmin] – Harmonic Minor

      [Mmin] – Melodic Minor

      [Wton] – Whole Tone

      [ENIG] – Enigmatic

      [NPLT] – Neopolitan

      [HUNG] – Hungarian

      Expression Pedal

      There are improvements
      to the way that expression pedal programming works.

      Expression Pedal Programming

      Expression Pedal programming is now activated only when the Expression Pedal
      is at the heel or toe position.

      Shorter Timeout:

      The Pedal Programming Timeout has been reduced to 2 seconds. This means
      that when you move the Expression Pedal to heel or toe position, PitchFactor
      will allow Expression Pedal programming for 2 seconds and then change to
      normal operation.

      Bank Select Up/Down with Encoder

      In Bank Mode, the Encoder
      can now be used to select banks in either direction if turned within 2 seconds
      of pressing a bank change footswitch.

      System Menu Updates

      [TUNER] – Tuner

      [CALIBRT] – The Calibration
      Range of the Tuner has been extended. It is now 420Hz-460Hz. Default is

      [UTILITY] – Utility Functions

      [PDLOCK] – "Lock"
      Expression Pedal settings

      When PDLOCK is set to ON, Expression Pedal programming is disabled and all
      Expression Pedal settings are locked. Default is OFF (unlocked).

      Miscellaneous Fixes

      -PitchFlex can now be
      controlled via MIDI CC.

      -An issue has been fixed
      where tapping delays in non-tempo mode displayed greater delay values than
      were actually present.

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       cool! look forward to trying it.

      thanks for all the hard work guys Big Smile



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      I just loaded the update.. some things which may save people some time…

      In my case, I could not get the pitchfactor to be recognized no matter how many times I rebooted it, the computer, or erased the preferences files, or reinstalled the updater .  I then saw in the 'list of devices' menu on the Eventide Update Utility some other digidesign hardware.  I turned that hardware off, and blammo, the pitchfactor was detected immediately. 

       Also the 2.2.0[5] software from the factory required a force into update mode by powering on with the middle button.  I think most people have 2.2.1[1].

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      some clarification on the new scales.

      is the neopolitan major or minor, as in the 5th mode of the harmonic minor?

      is the hungarian a harmonic minor with a #4, or a different hungarian? there are a few different ones.


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      Jimi Ray

      Update loaded ,no problems, I love the update. thank you.

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      some clarification on the new scales.
      is the neopolitan major or minor, as in the 5th mode of the harmonic minor?
      is the hungarian a harmonic minor with a #4, or a different hungarian? there are a few different ones.

      I am also curious about this.  When I was trying to do some Neopolitan minor noodling (after installing the new beta firmware), it sounded like the Pitchfactor was having a difficult time  harmonizing the 4th tone of the scale.

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      the new scales are excellent ! Thank you very much !!!!!!

      I knew something like that would happen…. you guys are excellent…

      please add

      diminished (whole half or half whole, makes no difference)

      harmonic major (major scale with a flat 6)

      tritone (C-C#-E-F#-G-A#)

      and user programmable scales with the ability to make out of tune or semi tone adjustments to the scales

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