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      Hi there,

      I am posting here as I need some help to get things up and going.I waited all day today for UPS to show up and finally unpacked my new powerfactor. 

      I plan to install my new powerfactor on my pedalboard – but it is at the rehearsal space – so I thought i would check it out with my space pedal which is here at home.

      THe powerfactor powers up, but when using the supplied green cables in the front on any one of the 3 "channels marked for eventide" the space unit does not powerup properly.

      It only provides 5 flashing lights in the left side of the display

      3 lines on one line and 2 on the line underneath.

      This seems odd to me that this unit would not be working with only  1 "eventide pedal plugged in, when it is said to power 3 at a  time.

      I need help as this is a huge disappointment and a waste of $$$ if this can't be fixed.


      Belleville Ontario CANADA

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      Eventide Staff
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      Hey Nick,

      I did that already, I wanted to post here, to see if anyone else had similar problems.


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      Have you adjusted the dip switches to make sure you're supplying the right current/voltage to the pedal?

      Jimmy Smile

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      evidently that was the issue.

      Now if only I could figure out what specialty pedals (outside of eventide ones) that the powerfactor will support I would be great.

      I am trying to see if my keeley'd Line6 dl4 or more EHX 16 sec DD reissue will be powered by the POWERFACTOR anyone know for sure?


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      The DL4 will probably not work as they use AC power… Unless they have internal converters that will allow them to run on DC…. I would not risk it!

      Looking at the power supply for the EHX 16Sec DD… It uses a 9v DC 500mA power supply, so it may work on one of the high output ports, just make sure you have the correct polarity lead…. Doesn't the power factor come with an EHX/Dod mini jack lead??

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      actually there are some posts that say the DL4 can run on 9VDC….might be worth doing some checking around to see if you feel comfortable doing this, looks like you need to reverse the polarity. 

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