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      Hi Eventide gurus,


      As a long long time user, I thought I might chime in with my latest brainstorm for new Eventide products suggestions ! I want to see an Eventide that knocks Fractal Audio of their perch in the floor based proceesor stakes…… The Axe FX is basically a bunch of ripped off Eclipse alg’s (and others) attached to a geetar amp ‘modeller”.

      I would like to see a floor unit with say the power of 3 H9’s and a handful of classic amp models…..Say a Vox Ac30, Plexi, twin etc etc……and maybe a few comp / drives as well. Need to add loops to add additional pedals and a mid spec that is as good as the the current factor / H9. All for around $1500 US. Can it be done ? SHOULD it be done ? Who knows  ! But Eventide folk  – keep up the great work all the same. 

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      Eventide Staff

      We wouldn't mind seeing it either, but note that we tend towards original effects rather than emulations of others.


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      So anything interesting planned for NAMM coming up in a few weeks?

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