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      Billy Foppiano

      I think I've discovered a few "undocumented features" with the new softwareware…..

      I use the tap-tempo feature a lot, in conjuction with a Digitech 3 button….Left button is programmed for tap tempo, the next 2  buttons increment'decrement the banks…

      Tap Tempo gets locked out, and I can't access it, even when I switch modes on TF , and try to accesss it from the play mode….I have to turn Tempo off, and then use milliseconds instead of BPM…

      what's goan on???

      Also, I used to be able to use the Digitech for the loop functions…The buttons would do the same thing as TF, but I could leave it in band mode….No more workee,,,

      Can anybody else verify these "features"?

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      Thanks for the tip! Looking into it…

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      Billy Foppiano

      Now, I am getting anomolies in thge MF…

      Tap Tempo won't work….If I turn the TMP OFF, I get a tempo display in Hz, but I can't get it in BPM….

      and tap temp will work when tempo is off, BUT only in HZ…

      What's going on…???

      And Midi clock is not driving my Tap tempo in mt TF any more..

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      Billy Foppiano

      Ah, here's the answer to my own question…

      If you have Midi Clock In set to "ON", Tap tempo will not display in BPM, nor will Tap tempo work, unless you set the patch tempo to "off"

      Wokay, then….I am glad to discover this

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