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      Custom Chris

      Would be great to create simple stomp box algorithms in contrast to over the top unusable ones for guitar players.

      Simple EQ and multiple distortions PLEASE. 🙂

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      Not sure what you mean. I think almost all algorithms are fairly simple already. For distortion you have Crushstaion, Scult or Pitchfuzz. For EQ you have EQ/compressor algo

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      I’d have to strongly disagree. There are already plenty of simple stop box algos in the H9. It pretty much covers everything. There are already a million distortion pedals out there to choose from. Eventide is known for making NEW sounds, and they’ve done that on the H9. I didn’t drop this kinda money on a box just to get some plain old distortions.

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      I’d also add that any of these algos are usable by guitarists. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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