new timefactor (joining my pirchfac tor) patch ideas???

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      Hi there,

      I am a brand new timefactor owner- great pedal- I already own a pitchfactor.

      I am into fripp, michael brook, eno, andy summers and the edge

      I am wondering how to do things like the dotted 1/8 notes on the timefactor any suggestions?

      Do people here ever share – patches they have written, I'd like to know if anyone could share with me, particularly post pop fripp, brook style sounds


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      Hi there,

      Presets 8:1 is a U2 preset and 7:2 is Andy Summers preset.

      You can atatch, presets in the forum. personally I have not had any success with loading other peoples settings (probably doing something wrong)



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      Is there a spot in the forum where other people have listed their patches?

      I have the sheet that says the info about Streets and Every Breath- though I don't love the u2 one- thoough I have not yet played it through my vox amp so – maybe I'll feel different then.


      If there is a spot where others have shared Ideas I'd love to see that.



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