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      hi guys trust u are all well and happy with your eventide stomp boxes ? i know i certainly am .recently purchased both units the mod and time factor and i am extremely impressed with them allready,Great transparency that works so well with my amp& guitar .ive bought stompboxes in the past but it was the same old story when they were not in use they were still messing with my amps natural tone .anyways look forward to see these forums grow a bit more and maybe get a user patch libary so we can all trade our patches.



      ps what i like about these boxes is there simplicity in finding good usable tone's really quickly, instead of endless tweaking so well done eventide AWESOME products .

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      Can be a *bit* slow around here.

      Agreed: good sounds, real quick and easy…just keep off the 2nd row on the ModFactor 😉

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      cheers digitalkkettle

      yegh the bottom row do not do much at all ! strange really, anyways i have the modfactor running through the front end of my amp and my timefactor in the amps fx loop sounds good .how do u guys run yours ?and i was also wondering what type of expression pedal i should buy ?

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      I run them both in the loop .

      The Roland EV-5 is working fine for both of them. 

Viewing 3 reply threads
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