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      Steve-O Rock-O

      Howdy All,

      Just received the H90 and two things – AMAZING, and WORTH EVERY PENNY! There are some use tricks and tips that you will only discover by downloading the FULL MANUAL, so make this a priority. Second, there are some REALLY GOOD WALK THROUGHS on Youtube and I’m sure some other services, but for now, LOVING THE H90! This is our week 2 with the unit, and the tone and polyphonic programs are AMAZING! Do yourself a favor and learn to manipulate and store sounds! So far, it’s what we come to expect from the superb design and tonal capabilities of a piece of Eventide Gear. Also an original H3000 owner as well, so we’re all too familiar with Eventide products! And so far, no disappointments with the H90!

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