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      Hi Folks,

      I'm new to the H9 and I have 2 quick questions:

      1. Before I make my own presets, is it wise to backup the original presets or can I re-download them as needed? There are only 99 slots and they're already taken up by presets, yes?

      2. Can I create new presets combines factory presets? e.g. Dub bass with a mod tone preset?


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      Well all of the factory presets are also in H9 Control and you can always restore the factory preset list on the H9 by turning it on with the right foot switch and the big black wheel pressed. But it's also easy to store the factory preset list in H9 Control if you want to do that.

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       Can I create new presets combining factory presets? e.g. space preset with a time factor preset?

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      Eventide Staff

      No. Only one preset can run at a time.

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      I'm having trouble adding my H9 to my pedal board. My pedal board (gator pedal tote) has power for 9v and 18v. The H9 is 12v. Looks like I need a special barrel cable as the ones I have don't fit teh H9 receptacle. Suggestions?

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      I'm a new H9 owner too but because mine shipped with a faulty power supply I'm well aware of its power requirements!

      The supplied PSU is 9v, 500mA, tip positive. This polarity is the opposite of most effect pedals so DO NOT connect it to a third party power supply without first confirming that it can supply 500mA at 9v, and the tip (center) of the plug is positive, not negative.

      Incidentally: With digital effects it's usually best to give them their own isolated power supply, otherwise you can get noise problems. I don't know if this is the case with the H9 (I'm a new user too) but it's common with digital effects.

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      LA Keys

      The H9 will run fine on 9v to 12 v DC. This is written on the back. Also, both the power supply I got with my H9 core and max are both 9V DC.

      The barrel is nothing "special". It is 5.5 mm, which is a common size. In any case make sure the tip is positive for the H9.



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      The 9v barrel connectors (on my pedal board) seem too big for the H9. The input on teh H9 says 12v. Weird.

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