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      I’ve just purchased a H9 stompbox to use in a dj’ing capacity – specifically for nice reverbs and echo type effects but I’m a little overwhelmed at the sheer amount of presets available.

      I understand that first and foremost the pedal is for guitar and music production but was hoping someone could share any experience of using it on electronic music. 

      i’ve had no issue on routing all the set up is fine – its really narrowing down the huge amount of effects that will sound great in a live capacity. 

      My key queries are;

      how do I ensure it accurately syncs to the bpm’s of the CDJ’s – can I program a default so that delays are perfectly synced (global tempo)?

      are there any dj specific presets I can download? I see the H910 plug in has some recommendations for Sasha who inspired me to purchase the stompbox in the first place

      should I focus on certain parts of a track (breakdowns), ie avoid kicks and focus on synth leads etc, i see you can choose the source instrument?

      are there any recommended algorithms that suit electronic music than others? Pitchfactor seems work well ?

      any pointers to marry output levels so the effect doesn’t stand out too much?


      I use a DJM900NXS2 as a mixer if this helps at all and I’ve registered the box, read the manual and used the app but was hoping for any pointers.


      thanks in advance



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      This might be fun.

      I don’t have any thoughts on the creative questions.. .but the technical ones?



      What is your audio source? I saw you mentioned CDJs.. but which ones? Of course, if it is a computer.. this can be easy. 

      Also- try some things: What happens if you just plug the USB from your mixer into the H9? (I DON’T think that would work.. but what if it did!) Set up the H9 to recieve MIDI clock, and see if that mixer can control tempo via tap. 

      If that doesn’t work, you mignt need to sync via a computer.



      You should be able to handle this on your mixer. 

      If you are using the Aux sends.. just dial in the return signal with the upper right knob.  Notably- I would setup the H9 in ‘killdry’ mode, with returns being FX only.

      IF that isn’t working.. maybe run the H9 output into one of your Mic channels? then you would have independent control of the returns.


      Let us know how it turns out!

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      Thanks for replying.

      Re the output levels thanks I’ll try a few things and see what works best. Re the CDJ’s I have NXS2’s. My whole set up is Pioneer NXS2. I feed the pedel in via send and return however it is alsp feeding a pioneer RMX1000 effect unit. This part of things works well. It’s really a case of understanding what effects are better suited to house, techno. Delays are my priority with long tails. 

      any guidance appreciated


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