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      Just got the update and I love some of the new presets. It would be nice if Eventide could provide a detailed list of those presets, with their settings, so that we can:

      a) understand how they came up with it

      b) have a baseline to modify and/or improve them

      c) figure out the key parameters for optimal use of the expression pedal

      We have such a list for the original 20 presets, now please put up a .pdf with the other ones!

      Great work guys. The TimeFactor is second to none.

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      I really wish they would post these for both the Timefactor and Modfactor since it would really help us in being able to understand and develop are own presets.  Eventide, Please post these!

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      I suggest to check every parameter of your favourite presets and find out for yourself what works best, or what is the "key value" in a preset. This can be a lot fun and you'll get to know your pedal a lot better. But it takes a lot of time, too.

      I think it's a lot of work to create this kind of preset guide. I'd rather have the developers work on software improvements like the much needed preset naming thing instead of taking up time to write a guide that is not absolutely necessary.

      But these are just my $0.02 :))


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      Doc Plus


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      I agree! Let them do other important things than come up with a detailed list of the new presets.

      Maybe just create a query thread for the new presets and ask from other people or the eventide team themselves about questions you don't understand with the new presets (like the "key" knobs/parameters, what a knob does, how they were able to come up with a preset you found interesting, etc.)

      In that way other users could suggest/share their own tweaks from each of the new presets. Stick out tongue

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      Eventide should absolutely share this info.  They already have the info and can release it a lot faster than it would take each and every user to sort through every parameter of every new preset on the updates.  After all, we are paying a premium for a quality product and quality support.  But if they don't, I'll sell you the info for the cost of my time to research and document the data at no extra cost. 

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      These settings have been available for a while. Please go here and look for the link to TimeFactor Preset Settings:

      or go here and look for the link to Modfactor Preset settings:

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      This info has been available for quite some time now on the Timefactor Support Page.  You can download the Timefactor Preset settings document from there.

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