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      Hello, I’ve noticed a strange problem in the VST3 Generate plugin version when it’s loaded in Ableton Live. It happens sometimes, that in a project with Generate on a track (a track in which I worked normally, saving MIDI notes, change the parameters of the path, etc.) after quitting Ableton normally and after opening it again, say the day after, then that instance it doesn’t produces sound anymore. the GUI shows that it’s receiving MIDI data and the graphic and the meters are pumping but the area with the out it’s off and no meter is showing signs of activity and naturally no sound can be heard.

      I cannot find a cause for this problem, or how to solve it (I’ve done some trials disabling opnegl graphics, or disabling effects, things like these, but the problem persists). I only managed to replace the VST instance of Generate in the track with a new one (I have to save the patch in a user preset naturally) and start again with a new one. This weird behavior is not always occurring, but I noticed it was already happening in Ableton Live 11 suite, so I waited for the release of the 12 version thinking that maybe the new version could had solved the issue. Ableton Live support advised me that is a plugin problem.

      I’m running the latest version of Generate in a MacOs Apple Silicon M2 processor System.

      thank you.

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      I’ve got exactly the same issue, and I’m also in the dark regarding a fix. Thought I was the only one with this issue – it’s so strange. Interestingly I have an M2 Max CPU, so the same family of chip. I would recommend getting in touch with Dan at Newfangled, and I will do the same.

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      Yes me too, what a pain!

      I reinstalled it and it worked for a few minutes. Now when I select a preset it take approx 10 seconds to load.

      Shame as it was my favourite synth. Hope someone can help



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