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      Hello there!

      I previously used the Newfangled Audio mastering suite and it’s plugins in version 1.8.2.

      Then I saw there was a new update to version 1.10 and I did the upgrade. After upgrading i couldn’t play most of my tracks in Bitwig anymore because of cpu-overload (using i7-9700  CPU @ 3 Ghz, 32 GB RAM, MOTU M4).

      So I downgraded again to version 1.8.2 – anyone else having these issues?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Marc,

      I have been able to reproduce this issue and am looking in to it.  In the mean time you can grab the 1.8.2 installer here if you need it:



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      Thanks for your reply and for looking into this.

      I already had the 1.8..2 installer, but thanks for sharing the link.

      I de-activated the “Elevate Mastering Bundle” in iLok and then de-installed version 1.10, then i installed version 1.8.2 again, also activated in iLok again. But now in my DAW (Bitwig) the “Equivocate”-plugin doesnt show up at all. All other 3 plugins (Elevate, Punctuate, Saturate) are available in the DAW.

      I tried this a few times but without success, Equivocate is still missing.

      Thanks as well,


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