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      RJM MasterMind + 2x Mini Effects Gizmo's at the heart of this tone monster. Ron of RJM Music wrote custom firmware for this system giving it the ability to perform 6x PC and adding a 2nd Expression Pedal Assignment to be assigned per preset to 1x CC on the Midi Channels used by the 4 Eventides. 

      The first Mini Effect Gizmo has been modified in conjunction with the Wah Pedal. The Wah switch has been changed to 3PDT keep the original Wah circuit switching, adding LED's for Status Indication on the 2nd pole set, and on the 3rd a Tip to Ground Short on a cable connected to the relay that routes audio from & to the Mini Effects Gizmo. Essentially making the Wah it's own instant access switch.

      If using the Wah as a notch filter, you can preset the Wah to it's desired position, have LED status indication and then engage the audio routing via MasterMind Preset.

      The signal routing is Guitar >> MEG1 Loops >> 1 Wah, 2 Nova Drive, 3 Poly Tune with Switch State Inverted to always send signal to tuner. MEG 1 Out >> JMP1 In >> JMP1 Effects Send >> MEG2 Loops >> 1 Mute Box >> MEG Out >> JMP1 Return >> Center "Dry" Cabinet feed. MEG2 Loops sending to Pitch Factor, Time Factor, Mod Factor & Space in Parallel, Eventide Outputs Summed using a RJM Mini Line Mixer, MLM Stereo Outs fed to Left & Right "Wet" feeds.

      By running the signal in parallel to the 4 Eventide's, I believe that you can capture the wonderfully full articulation of the Eventide Signal Processing.

      Nice Rack NYC

      Custom Cables, Racks & Pedalboards



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      Wow! Does it have wheels? haha, I must say this looks to be a master piece, beautiful work!

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      Thanks for the kind words about my work. None of my boards have wheels on them, but every pedalboard case leaving my shop does.

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      So how does the quadra thru work in this setup?  Can you change banks on the factor boxes for a given preset on the master mind via midi?  I have a Roland FC-300 and I would like to incorporate that kind of functionality in my rig so I could write up a patch that say turned bank 9:2 on the pitchfactor and bank 3:2 on the modfactor via midi.  Is that something that's doable?


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      Yes the MasterMind will do the exact type of scenario you want. The Roland FC300 can do this as well.

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      Great looking setup indeed. I also agree that having the factors in parallel is the way to go.

      Are you using a single power factor to supply all 4 stomp boxes? I thought the power factor could handle up to 3.

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      Thanks for the compliment on my work.

      I'm using 2x Power Factors to run the entire system other than the power amps are ran on their own dedicated 1.5A 18vDC linear supplies.

      For the 150mA @ 9vDC Mini Effect Gizmo's, I using 2x 100mA taps in parallel.

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