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      I am using a freshly installed macbook pro m1 with os Monterey 12.2.1 (21D62)

      I tried the issue with those 3 DAW, Logic(latest), Fl Studio 20.9 and Bitwig 4.2.


      My problem is that after the install of the H9 plugin bundle, the presets for any plugins do not show up in the bar or when I click load.

      When I click load, it leads me to user\music\eventide\<plugin name folder>\Presets

      when i look inside, it’s empty.

      Alsom if i haven’t loaded a pluging yet, like Ultratap was never loaded before, the folder will not show up in that location. If i load the plugin in any of those daw, it will create a brand new folder with the plugin name, but no preset inside 🙂

      So to recap, Plugin presets folders were not created during install and presets were never added.

      Thank you!


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry for the issue you are having. Please try uninstalling the plug-ins and running the installer again, making sure that the presets box is checked off when you run the installer. You can locate the uninstaller at: /Applications/Eventide/Uninstallers/

      Let me know what happens.

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