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      I’m using a Roland gr-55 connected to a H9max via Midi. I’m using Midi out from Gr-55 to Midi in on the H9.

      I can transmit patch changes to the H9 all works fine, the problem is there is no sound coming from the H9, only the bypass sound is working.

      When I restart the H9 and disconnect the Midi all works fine again.  What am I doing wrong?

      Can some one help me with this please?


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      You can control the H9's input volume or output volume with MIDI, and we had a problem in an earlier release where some MIDI foot controllers were sending bank select messages that were being misidentified as MIDI CC messages and turning the volume all the way off.  To check if this might be happening connect your H9 to H9 Control, click on the Pedal button in the bottom menubar, go to MIDI Settings, Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal functions, and scroll down the Input Volume and Output Volume pedal functions.  If they are assigned to any MIDI CC messages, please unassign them.  

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      Thanks guys thats much appreciated it works fine now.

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      I have my EXP pedal connected to my midi controller GlabGSC4 and I wanted use input or output volume via EXP for volume swells on my H9s. But if I forgot put (out or in) back to full volume before change to another preset my sound is low (acording to set before) or there are no sound. Until I go back to the preset where I use this volume control and make it full. Very bad:( Is there any help or it could be fixed in the future, plese.

      Thanks Michal

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      Eventide Staff

      You will be annoyed to hear that it used to go back to full volume on loading a new preset, and everyone complained, so we changed it to how it is now. Probably going to stay like that. Sorry.


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      It is bad news 🙁 I don´t understand why everybody has complained? Every preset has it´s own volume or no? of course yes! I know that worked when I was bought my H9s. And imagine my surprise and panic of course when it was happened at gig! I did´t know what was happened. My rig is quite complicated and it took a long time to find what was going on. And I miss some songs :((( I need it, because I have to do volume swells at some songs. And I can´t have 3 EXP pedals ´cos´ I have 2 H9s and Source audio Nemesis. There is Input and Output volume, could be possible to have it on one of those?

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