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      I have both the PF and TF, however the TF was purchased used and it never worked well, the controls were touchy and had to be messed with a lot to get the right settings. So, I sent it back to Eventide for repair. They swapped out the motherboard and sent it back. It seemed to work fine, however, I finally put it on my pedalboard this weekend. As I do with my PF, I held down the middle and right buttons and nothing happened. No tuner. Tried it in play and bank mode. Nothing. I did a factory reset, no change. I sure don't want to have to send this back yet again.

      Anyone have any input? Thanks

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry to bring bad news – TF does not have the tuner. It is only available on PF and H9.

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      That solves it. Thanks for letting me know.

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