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      Pre Post is a fantastic feature however I’m getting a bit of a pop/click when switching presets that have different pre/post routing settings.


      Normally the H9 is in Post mode in the fx loop of my amp, but I have one preset for a Q-Wah patch that is set to Pre mode and routed in front of the amp and all other fx pedals (except a noise gate)..


      Changing to this patch from any other causes a bit of a loudish pop. Since the signal is then going through a separate delay pedal the pop repeats.


      Is this normal behavior with the H9 or should pre post switching be silent? If I change Pre/Post manually using H9 Control app for that patch the pop still happens.


      I’m using a Boss ES5 midi switcher/looper with the H9 routed through that when in Pre mode. In the loop the H9 is isolated from the guitar amp with transformers (an ART clean box II) to remove any chance of a ground loop hum.

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      Does the pop only occur when you have signal going through it ?

      If so, this may be unavoidable – there is a lot of switching going on. There are crossfades on the switches, but these will mainly change a click to a pop – it's hard to switch active signal silently.

      If it occurs without signal, this may indicate a hardware fault.


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      It’s very difficult to diagnose. But with no input cable (but output still connected) there’s no pop. I think I’ve tracked it down to an exotic EP booster in one of the loops (its on in the patch with the Q wah). Pretty sure its not the H9 now anyway, thanks fo the help.

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