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      I've recently started to move back toward pedal board from rack.   I have lots of Eventide stuff on both.  On my pedal board, I've taken great care to keep everything high-end and quiet.  I noticed I was getting a lot of noise (high-end hiss…) and determined it is all coming from the Modfactor, whether in bypass or not (set to true bypass).  I've got I/O both on line (coming from & going to other pedals).  Power is from Voodoo labs PP2+ (ganged for sufficient mA).

      Does anybody else have this problem?  Every other peace of Eventide gear I have is dead quiet. 

      Ideas or thoughts?


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      You should maybe set the level switches to guitar/amp. The level coming out of a pedal is usually much the same as that going in, so it's probably all guitar level.

      If you set the switches wrong you will get either noise (input too low) or distortion (input too high). You'll know …

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      Check this topic, maybe it helps.

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      Thx guys:  I tried changing from line to Instr level.  This may have helped a bit but there is still a noticeable hiss coming from the MF.  I currently have it set to DSP bypass so that I can use the buffer but have external buffers on order.  I'll experiment w/ true bypass.  However, I'm getting hiss regardless of bypass state.  Bottom line: this is a noisy device.  I'm not sure if it's defective or whether that is normal.  I just got a TF today.  I'm hoping it is quieter as adding more noise would be  a big problem. 

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      Mystery solved.  It was not the MF.  I was going stereo into 2 AC30s and it was some kind of ground loop from the 2 amps.  When unplugging one amp, noise disappears.  It seems I'm going to have to get an isolated amp A/B/Y-type switch.  I thought the MF (in buffered bypass) could isolate but it appears not. 

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      All you need is a simple hum eliminator/isolation box inserted on ONE of your lines to the amps (left or right). Don't be fooled, some boxes have two parallel lines through them (two inputs/two inputs): that's for stereo into one amp/mixer…with that sort of box just use one side of it, into ONE of your amps… has worked for me for many years. Don't have the box close to your amp though, that can create another hum problem. Sometimes it's better on the left, sometimes the right.

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