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      Hi all, ive just recently got a timefactor and also have a 4 switch Randall midi footswitch.

      I believe that the Randall only sends out 4 midi channels – as it is, it switches between presets 1-4.

      This is great and all but what i'd REALLY like to do is to set it up as switch 1+2 are preset 1 + 2 and switches 3+4 are bank up/down..

      Is ths possible? Im a complete MIDI noob but i guess the TF would have to allocate midi channel 3/4 to the relevant bank up/down as the Randall midi send etc is stuck on channels 1-4?

      Am i in the right ballpark here?

      If it can be used this way i'll be thrilled (as i can just use the TF switches for on/off, hold, tempo.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

      Thanks in advance,


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      Hi Aiden,

      I do not know that particular foot controller, but MIDI does not usually work like that.

      You assign a device, in this case the TimeFactor, to a particular MIDI channel, eg CH1.

      You then set the MIDI Foot controller to send "Program Changes" (PC) that change the Banks.

      You can send other MIDI messages , MIDI Control Changes (CC) and these usually set TapTempo, Hold etc.

      Depends on the Foot controller how this works, some only do PC, some only do CC and some can do both.

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      Thanks BMF =)

      Even if ot only changes the 1st four patches it still aint a bad thing…Might get a 3 button aux switch then im fully set…


      (See ya on TGP!)

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      no worries… see ya on TGP Beer

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