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      The Resonator is the algoritm I use most by far on the H9. Used to be Blackhole, but since that’s featured as a plug-in, I load it in my DAW instead.

      It can really make wonders with quite mundane synth sounds – a simple 303 or SH101 pattern turns into shiny, glittering cascades, each turn of any of the knobs on the 303 sounds like you just brought yet another synth into the mix.

      I really think Eventide should consider Resonator for its next plug-in with stompbox origin.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hey DanielW-

      We hear you. Can't make any promises of course, but we will certainly consider it (a few of us in house have tossed this idea around in house at various points).


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      Good to hear!

      While there certainly are a number of great delays and reverbs from other brands out there, I’m not really aware of a resonator plug-in that comes even close to the H9 Resonator algoritm. 

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