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      Any tips on setting up a Pitchfactor (latest fw) to emulate an octave whammy ? I've tried setting the mode to Pitchflex and using an expression pedal can control it such that heel down is the dry signal and toe down is an octave but the results are a bit metallic sounding and I'm sure the device is capable of better if only I knew what I was doing!


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      Hello Tony,

      The wammy-style factory presets can be found from 17:1 through 24:2. I would start with those.

      Are you looking for an effect which is simply one octave down and doesn't change? If so, you could try the Octaver Effect Type.

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      I'm just looking for a one or possibly octave pitch shift controlled by the expression pedal like a traditional whammy peda – heel down would be the dry  signal. I suspect  my presets my have been overwritten by the previous owner, is it possible to default the whole unit ?



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      Eventide Staff

      See under "Restoring Factory Settings" in the User Manual. Essentially you hold down the middle key and the encoder at powerup until you see "Initializing" on the display.

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      actually the way to set this up in kind of counterintuitive. you want 100% wet signal. then set the heel position pitch to unison and the toe position pitch to one octave up, or whatever you want the bend to be. if you have it set to any amount of dry signal, it will be audible when you press toe down to get a bend, which may be useful, but it doesn't seem like that's what you're after.

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