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      Hi Eventide and everyone in the forum.

      I’ve been using Octavox since it came out and can for my life not understand why it yet doesn’t support a chromatic scale? I really want to use it together with the MIDI-input chromatically, but not being able to do that really sets some limits that really don’t understand why they are there? Is this ever going to come to Octavox? I shouldn’t have to buy an H9000 to be able to do that should I? 🙂

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      Eventide Staff


      I totally understand your frustration with this limitation, it bothers me as well.

      The reason this hasn’t been added is, to be honest, architectural. Octavox was initially built as a diatonic pitch shifter, and MIDI support was added after the initial release of the plugin. Adding chromatic support would be quite difficult without overhauling most of the plugin. So, it’s unlikely this will be added to Octavox.

      That said, we understand how/why this is such an oft-requested feature, and hope to address it in some way in the future.


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      Just adding my support for a chromatic mode – the lack of it is putting me off buying Octavox.

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      same here, adding support for a chromatic mode. It would be such a huge improvement.

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