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      I’ve been trying to work with this irresistible plugin within Steinberg VST Live, which is for use in live performance.  Steinberg sweeps the public interface of a plugin when it is loaded in order to build and populate a Quick Controls panel for use in configuring the plugin and saving a preset for its instance.  One field is the MIDI Input source, which is ultimately the named alias for the audio interface MIDI input you have configured for VST Live.  Unless you make this assignment, no MIDI control is available for the Octavox and nothing will happen when you send a MIDI stream to it.

      The first time you deploy an instance of Octavox as an <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>insert</span> to a VST Live Stack or Track in a project, the MIDI input source combo box appears, so the source can be selected.   You will then have MIDI control of the plugin.   However, upon re-opening the project later, for a Stack, the MIDI input source is lost and therefore no MIDI stream can reach the Octavox plugin.  With a Track, after having saved the preset, both in the Steinberg Quick Controls present file and the Eventide preset file, the MIDI Input source populates as expected and MIDI works fine for the instance.

      I guess it’s okay for Eventide to NOT persist the MIDI Input Source in a plugin preset file, because maybe it is not their data.  But, the MIDI input source needs to be assignable to an instance.   It seems that the MIDI input source property on the Octavox public interface might be read-only or private because is not consistently addressable by inquiry and may always not be assignable from a preset file.   I can use the plugin as a Track insert and have MIDI control, but not as a Stack.  In a Track it’s almost not useable because a Track is not attached to a Song Part, so you can’t step through it, with a pedal for example.

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