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      Just got my H8000FW (loving it), I think the a/d and d/a surpass anything so far so I will be using it as my main sound card for Cubase 4.

      I have it working  with 2 x aux send busses set up as externalfx in Cubase 4 over the firewire.

      Now here comes the hard part, I want to use Volta (see web link below)……


      ….. so I need a MOTU interface, I racked my brains about this and I reckon I could go adat out from the H8000FW into MOTU sound card adat in. It should work, but then I've only had the eventide for 2 days so might be getting ahead of myself 🙂

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      Using the H8000FW connected via ADAT should work just fine.


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