oktave up+phaser/filter – presets/startingpoints anyone?

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      ein mangfaldig kar

      Hey guys!

      I’ve been digging the octave up stuff John Patitucci and Thundercat have been doing as of late and wonder if anyone have any presets for the H9 that can model these octave up + filter/phaser and fuzz stuff!

      Happy weekend!

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      ein mangfaldig kar

      The Hotsaws does the octave up and filter thang very well!


      Thanks guys!

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      Eventide Staff

      Wow, you answered your question in a year. I feel you might be interested in the Octaver algorithm. But it does an octave down rather than up.

      Happy holidays

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      ein mangfaldig kar



      Didn’t notice that!

      I was doing it with my old PS-1 and usualy a phaser on the H9.

      But thehotsaws are so more fun!

      Here’s the patch I made of octave up / fast filter thing, if anyone would be interested.

      Happy hollidays!

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