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      I have an older TF, which has always been a little less sturdy than the newer eventide pedals I've bought. Since the newest update, when I change between presets, it makes loud oscillation sounds as if all the knobs go to 100% for a second before the change. It only happens when switching between certain algorithms, but when it happens, it's VERY obnoxious and distracting. 

      I tried turning Spill mode off, but then I could hear the delay times changing between presets, which is also not very useful.

      Like I mentioned, it's not the most rugged pedal and it might just be broken, but if there's any way to fix it please let me know.

      Thanks for your help.

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      Eventide Staff

      Apart from the odd component changes, most notably switches, there really aren't any differences between newer and older models, so it's hard to know what to suggest..

      As a first step, I would advise a total restore to factory settings as described in the User Manual. This will lose any saved presets.

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      I had some freaky-deaky problems with an older timefactor right after the latest software upgrade..  Resetting made no difference.  Out of exasperation, I reloaded the software.  The problem then disappeared for me.  It might be worth a try …..

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      i have this same issue when going from mod-delay to vintage delay and occasionally with mod-delay to tape…

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