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      OK. I've swapped the 2 algorithms for you. When you connect to H9 Control, and click "Sync algorithms with Eventide server", you will see DynaVerb available in the Algorithms page.

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      Awesome! I am almost as happy as when I bought the H9 pedal. Thank you so much!

      BTW, a second H9 core pedal is a much better solution than what’s on the market today.

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      I don’t know why or how but I bought the EQ compressor plug in for the H9 pedal, and for the life of me, I cannot get a good sound. I turn up the compression and all it does is pop up with a clickety clack sound. The is such a fast attack it is unusable for me. How do you get a smooth compression with a high ratio setting? Its all pop pop pop.

      Is there a way I can trade this plug-in for another. I heard there’s a Reverb algo that has a much better compressor in it (Dynoverb).

      Am I losing my mind?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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