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      Greetings; I know the topic of side-chaining Eventide VST plugins has come up before in a general way, but I have a specific question about Omnipressor.

      Is there no way to use Omnipressor with side chaining in Cubase?

      I've seen a screenshot of Omnipressor in Logic, and there was a side chain option available in a drop-down menu on the upper right hand corner of the plugin GUI (on the Logic strip atop the plugin GUI), but there's nothing equivalent in Cubase.

      I tried the usual indirect method of Cubase side chaining, i.e. opening a Quadro bus, running the primary signal through the main bus channels, and running the side chain signal through bus channels 3 and 4, but this didn't work.

      Has anyone found a way to use the Omnipressor side chain in Cubase?


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi gkuly,

      Unfortunately, Omnipressor has VST 2.4 support which does not include sidechain support.  I'm not familiar with a Quadro bus workaround.


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      Greetings; There are plenty of VST 2.4 plugins that can do side-chaining in Cubase, such as the Sonalksis stuff — i double checked the process before i replied, to make sure i wasn't tripping, and i'll be happy to send screen shots to show how it's done.

      A discussion of the process can be found at,, or better still check out (not sure that the HTML links are working for me in this forum, s'ry about the long URLs).

      It would be awesome to have this functionality available in Omnipressor, and H3000 would be better still — side-chaining mods patches would be off the charts on this plugin!


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      It would be a great addition to have VST3 for those of us who use this platform – after all, everyone is falling over themselves to add AAX, AAX2 and every other new format Avid & Apple come out with every few years and VST3 is now well established. (I can hear in my mind's ears the yelling & shouting if AAX was not supported)

      Native side-chaining support is probably the main reason to go to VST3 (unless we are getting surround support, but although this can be easily done in VST2.x (again, see how Voxengo do it) I think it is time to get a bit more up to speed. Not everyone uses Mac or ProTools.

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      +1 to previous post! VST3 would be a GREAT addition for the comp and H3000!

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