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      Hi guys this is my first post over here!,
      I've just bought a orville on Ebay, and I was wondering If its possible
      to 'sum' to one input (guitar) even though most program are stereo input or more and
      If its possible to sum the presets to just a stereo output pair even If some programs have like four audio outputs..? And is this possible globally or only for one preset? Because I just wanna use like this for now…
      Somehow I don't get it with the routing, I guess..arghh
      I've searched for this and I only got into the DSP routings and such…
      Can somebody help me out on this..?
      The Orville is so much more complicated than the Timefactory I've been using lately.. 🙂
      The Orville sounds so incredible by the way, really inspiring..

      Greetings, a guitarplayer from Holland

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      Eventide Staff

       Most of this is possible. BUT, you will have to learn the routing.

      To mono the input, go to SETUP/DSP A (or B as appropriate) and point the IN1,2 etc to your source (probably "analog in 1"). This will feed analog in 1 to all the preset inputs.

      Monoing the output is a bit harder. To combine 2 outputs go to SETUP/OUTPUTS and set (say) ANA1 to both "DSP A out 1" and "DSP A out 2". This will sum 2 of the preset outputs and feed them to analog out 1.

      If you want to mix 4 outputs as you suggest, you will have to load a mixer preset into DSPB and feed it from DSP A.

      Basically, you have to read the manual. It's character building. Sorry.

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      Wow! thanks for the quick reply Nickrose! I have searched & read the manual for this stuff but somehow
      your explanation got me there a once.. 😉
      Only one thing, I didn't mean 'all' to a mono output, just a stereo pair for all four outputs…

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      Import the Quad output preset into VSIG, add a stereo mixer, add 4 inputs to the mixer panned as stero pairs, connect the 4 inputs to the mixer, and connect the mixer outs to inputs 1 and 2. Export back to Orville. Takes about 30 seconds.

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      Quad presets use quad mixer with front/rear AND left/right panning.

      You may just add a stereo mixer in Vsig and make it 4 channels inputs. Use the panning to choose which output a signal should come off from.


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