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      Hello, I’ve been loving my pitchfactor after i bought it about two months ago.  Two days ago I was setting up for a rehearsal and noticed that the Output Level switch had been flipped to line, so I went to switch it back to amp . . and It was stuck..   Not that it won’t move,  it just won’t make the actual “switch”  

      I’m wonderinig if anyone has experienced one of these switches wearing out or ceasing to function properly . . and what they did to get it taken care of.  Take it to some one who works on pedals in town?  (I live in Denver, CO).  Is it an Easy fix for some one who knows what they’re doing?  I’d prefer not to be without the Pitchfactor for a long time because I use it regularly for gigs.  




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      Eventide Staff

      We've not had much trouble with these, but obviously they are not unbreakable.

      A reasonably competent tech should be able to replace the switch, or wired it fixed to either position.


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      I think it will be an easy fix for someone who knows how to desolder.


      Just make sure to get the right part and visit your local electronic store.

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      I just had both of these switches fail on my TimeFactor AND ModFactor. These are devices that don’t leave my studio, and the switches have been flipped MAYBE 10 times total. 

      This is really disturbing and disappointing. I will get RMAs for both, and I am hoping this will be covered under warranty. 

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